Open Conference Systems, SMAT 2019

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Comparative Analysis of Three Distinct Porsche Models Concerning N.V.H. Aspects
Doru Laurean Baldean

Last modified: 2020-01-02


Operational sounds and frequent displacements are important criteria in checking the noise pollution. Progress of recent efforts in this sector increase vehicles output comfort and operational reliability, also efficiently and economy. To operate all inter-connected systems may become challenging without considering the noise, vibration and harshness (N.V.H.) criteria with specific conditions. N.V.H. criteria influence some distinction between cars in relation with the powertrain specific operation and auxiliary systems contribution. The first objective of this study consists in showing a specific solution using high technology for N.V.H. investigation with three parallel cars test. Regarding three Porsche models (Cayenne, Cayman and Boxter e) at Technical University from Cluj-Napoca with the support of Automotive Engineering and Transportation Department. Particular objectives presuppose a concise theoretical definition of approached subject matter, a description of applied method study and experimental analyze on specific protocol from Automotive Engineering and Transportation Department on all three Porsche models at T.U. Cluj-Napoca.


Cabriolet; Noise; Vibration; Harshness