Open Conference Systems, SMAT 2019

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A New Method to Improve Computing Time for TSP Little Algorithm
Adrian Cipleu, Werner Stefanescu, Ionel Vandici, Attila Iuliu Gonczi

Last modified: 2019-08-14


The paper describes a method to speed up the finding of the solution of the NP-complete Travelling Salesman Problem, using the classic Little algorithm. The Little algorithm is belonging to the class of branch-and-bound methods for solving the TSP problems or the determination of Hamiltonian optimum circuits in directed or undirected graphs. We propose changes to be made in the steps of the algorithm to speed up solving and eliminate the possibility of error. In goods distribution, in warehouse order – picking etc. the real time decision regarding the optimal route choice influence the cost of operations. The proposed method reduces the solving time of a TSP problem and so decreases the overall costs and diminish the environmental impact of transport.


Travelling Salesman Problem; Little algorithm; Operational logistics