Open Conference Systems, SMAT 2019

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Analysis Methodology of Experimental Results in Case of a Cockpit Module Under Impact Load
Paul Constantin Predoiu, Raluca Florentina Negrea, Dinel Popa, Stefan Tabacu

Last modified: 2020-01-02


In this paper the authors present a method for the correlation of different datasets, captured during experimental tests performed according to ECE R21 on a cockpit module. The data were collected by specialized transducers by National Instruments data acquisition system interfaced by dedicated toolbox with MATLAB. The paper project presents the way of acquisition of data set and the test bench. According with ECE R21 it’s using a gravitational pendulum consisting of a spherical rigid impactor that is supported by roll bearings to a rigid frame. By this methodology one can check a specific data set and to define consistent performance parameters set. The results obtained will be correlated with each other, so we can identify the acceleration at a certain angular position. On the other hand, in the paper project is presented the process to calculate kinetic energy and the energetic coefficient of restitution. The methodology provides the background for future investigation in designing efficient countermeasures useful for vehicle interior trimmings. Obtaining a correlation of data set we can analyze more materials with numeric simulation and we can identify new materials to minimize costs and increase performance. The paper is focused of the experimental investigation and provides the support for developing testing and data analysis procedures in the field of impact related events. The type of the material is also important thus it has an important contribution in the quality of the simulation result.


Cockpit module; ECE R21; Experimental investigation; Data analysis