Open Conference Systems, SMAT 2019

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Aspects Regarding Fuel Consumption and the Pollutant Products of Internal Combustion Engines for Commercial Vehicles
Marius S.D. Capata, Madalin Florin Popa, Nicolae Burnete

Last modified: 2020-01-02


The functioning regime of a vehicle represents the main element in the fuel’s consumption and the pollutant products streamed into the atmosphere. If the human component can be acted on by training, in order to obtain performances in the exploitation of trucks, the functioning regime is, most of the times, imposed by the environmental and traffic conditions for the chosen route. This paper aims to analyze the vehicles’ functioning regimes, underlining the dependency of the fuel consumption and the pollutant products on these factors. The analyses of the functioning parameters of the vehicles has been achieved with the help of the telematics systems supplied by the platform Dynafleet Online and SC Gerom Intertrans SRL-Ploiesti for commercial trucks that function in mixed regime internal-international. Through graphic representations the recorded values of fuel consumption and pollutant products are being underlined for usage in different atmospheric conditions and also for different types of road.


Pollution; Fuel consumption; Road categories; Atmospheric conditions