Open Conference Systems, SMAT 2019

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Aspects Regarding the Stability Performances Calculation of the Wheeled Vehicles while Turning
Ion Preda, Gheorghe Ciolan, Dinu Covaciu

Last modified: 2019-08-13


The stability performances are very important to appreciate the vehicle ability to be driven in different conditions.

Starting for a simple planar model of one axle, the motion equations characterizing the rollover or skidding possibility are obtained. These are interpreted as different concerns for the driver, vehicle design engineer or road design engineer.

The influence over the vehicle stability is analyzed for different driving conditions as speed, grip coefficient, lateral slope of the ground, position of the vehicle center of gravity, braking or traction intensity, suspension characteristics.

Based on the axles stability characteristics, some conclusion were drawn about the steering behavior of the full vehicle. Also, some recommendations for drivers are presented.

The procedure presented here can also be used to establish some working algorithms for potential on-board safety systems able to prevent the stability loss.



Vehicle dynamics; stability; rollover; skidding; algorithm.