Open Conference Systems, SMAT 2019

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Automotive Black Box and Development Platform Used for Traffic Risks Evaluation and Mitigation
Radu Drosescu, Silviu Zamfir

Last modified: 2020-01-02


This paper presents a “Black-Box” device designed and accomplished by authors to monitor, acquire and record some functional and dynamic parameters for motor vehicles in order to detect and report traffic risk situations, violation of legislation as well as the possibility of reconstructing road accidents or special traffic events. The materialization of this equipment resulted from the need to know and to access useful data and information which can help forensic investigators in the case of an accident, insurers in the event of damage, specialists in road safety and traffic monitoring, to medical staff dealing with victims or medical emergencies resulting from road accidents, or even drivers looking to monitor the evolution of an event in which they were directly or indirectly involved as witnesses.

All these data can also be saved to an internal eMMC flash memory or to an external micro SDXC card making from this device a data logger. Stored information in black-box memory can be encrypted to ensure the data confidentiality and protect the individual property rights. Stored data can be accessed via a CAN interface using a key and a password. The Black-Box device can be simple integrated in vehicle’s electronic control architecture, using provided CAN interface.



Black Box; EDR; accident reconstruction