Open Conference Systems, SMAT 2019

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A Study on the Influence of the Miller Cycle upon the Engine’s Internal Aerodynamics
Mihai Niculae, Adrian Clenci, Victor Iorga-Siman, Rodica Niculescu

Last modified: 2020-01-02


Currently, the internal combustion engine is facing tough regulations regarding pollution and CO2. In order to comply with the latest constraints concerning the CO2 emission, the automotive manufacturers must increase the thermal efficiency of the combustion engine. One way which seems to be preferential for the manufacturers is to implement the Miller over-expanded cycle. One drawback of this cycle is that the flow inside the cylinders is steadier than in the case of the Otto cycle. Consequently, in the present study, in order to understand the air flow phenomena inside the cylinder, a 3D CFD simulation is used. The weight of the study is on the understanding of the internal aerodynamics in the case of the Miller cycle. Finally, solutions to improve the situation were also given.


Computational Fluid Dynamics; Tumble; Turbulence; Aerodynamics; Miller Cycle; Otto Cycle