Open Conference Systems, SMAT 2019

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Case Study Regarding the Reconstruction of a Real Vehicle-Bicycle Accident
Ovidiu Andrei Condrea, Anghel Chiru, George Radu Toganel, Rares Lucian Chiriac

Last modified: 2020-01-02


In this paper, a real vehicle-bicycle accident, which was recorded in an urban area in Romania, was reconstructed in PC Crash. This paper describes the prerequisites and the ensemble of procedures needed for the reconstruction of similar accidents, as well as some input parameters which can be extracted from the accident scene or through video analysis. The video presented in this paper was recorded with a moving camera and was further processed in a video analysis software. Vehicle and cyclist kinematic parameters were assessed with the object tracking function and were subsequently corrected in order to compensate the effect of the moving camera. The reconstruction of the accident was carried out by using the kinematic parameters obtained through video analysis as input data for the simulation. Subsequently, the input data and the rest of the undetermined parameters were methodically iterated in order to reconstruct the accident. The validated simulation shows similar cyclist and vehicle kinematics, as well as similar wrap-around distances and rest positions with the video presented as case study.


cyclist accident; video analysis; multibody simulation; accident reconstruction;