Open Conference Systems, SMAT 2019

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An Engine Mechanism Dynamic Analysis by Considering the Kinematic Elements as Deformable Ones
Nicolae Dumitru, Cristian Copilusi, Adrian Calangiu, Ionut Daniel Geonea

Last modified: 2020-01-02


Through this paper is presented a methodology for optimal response analysis in dynamic conditions of an internal combustion engine mechanism. Thus, it will be analyzed a four stroke engine mechanism by considering this with rigid kinematic elements with the aid of MSC Adams and after this the same mechanism will be analyzed with kinematic deformable elements in ANSYS software environment. Also it will be presented an optimization algorithm of the proposed mechanism with the MSC Adams software when the mechanism elements are considered rigid ones and specific optimization algorithms for the mechanism. There are shown optimal modeling techniques of the mobile mechanical systems by considering the kinematic contact in accordance with the system dynamic response identification represented through kinematic and dynamic parameters variation diagrams.

The dynamic optimization algorithm represented through finite element method will be applied on the proposed engine mechanism connecting rod, by having as input data the kinematic and dynamic parameters obtained through a special interface ADAMS-ANSYS.

The obtained virtual models are designed with a flexible character in a parameterized mode. This means that the obtained results will be easily coupled with other results which were obtained through experimental tests.



dynamic analysis; deformable elements; finite element