Open Conference Systems, SMAT 2019

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Analysis of Occupant Injury Level in the Case of High-Speed Vehicle Slide-Spinning Collision
Laurentiu Claudiu Manea, Adriana Manea, Alexandru Ionut Radu, Dragos Sorin Dima

Last modified: 2020-01-02


The main objective of the paper was to analyze the degree of injury of the vehicle occupants by using virtual accident reconstruction software and calculating the HIC value. The injury level was calculated for the back-seat passengers in the case where the seatbelts were not used. One case study was analyzed where the drivers were racing and caused a collision with a turning vehicle at 130 km/h. The results expected are represented by the injury level probability and to observe if the survival limit was passed. The HIC value was correlated with the AIS injury scale and the acceleration level of the occupants head are compared to the tolerance limit of the human body. The novelty of the paper is that this is a new perspective to study real accidents and correlate them with the injury criterion (HIC) by the means of using virtual reconstruction software.


Accident reconstruction; Occupant; Injury level; HIC