Open Conference Systems, SMAT 2019

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Application Model in AUTOSAR Software Development for Control Systems Design Through Fuzzy Methods
Cristian Spirleanu, Eugen Diaconescu

Last modified: 2020-01-02


The paper is related to some aspects of the AUTOSAR standard application in software design and development of CVT type powertrain transmission control system in a vehicle. To overpass the difficulties generated by the powerfull non-linear characteristics of the process and of the involved components, a fuzzy methods approach by using AUTOSAR methodology was proposed. In this context, there are presented the structure and the rule base of the proposed fuzzy regulator model, the software components modelling by using the artext language in ARTOP environment and their connections to virtual functional bus VFB of CVT-ECU. It is also presented the SWC-CVT components interaction with others ECU that are connected to the same Ethernet or CAN communication bus through hardware communication abstractization. This approach leads to control algorithms design simplicity and flexibility of software development process ensured by the Autosar standard.


AUTOSAR; Fuzzy control; CVT; ECU; Software component; VFB