Open Conference Systems, SMAT 2019

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Behavior of the Cranio-Cervical Biofidelity Complex Compared to the Cranio-Cervical Area of Anthropometric Test Devices
Stefanita Ciunel, Mihai Constantin Clinciu

Last modified: 2020-01-02


The article refers to testing of a biofidelic neck of anthropometric test devices, which can also be used in any field of medical, technical interest. The design of this technical system has started from the study of existing technical systems, and compared to the values obtained by the same area of the test dummy, under the same request conditions. From the study of patents, the following observations were made regarding their disadvantages - heavy construction. Many spine constructions have a multitude of mechanical devices; we cannot simulate all the movements of a human neck, but only a part of them. The biofidelic neck type technical system of a test dummy, which by its construction (both vertebrae and intervertebral discs) closely follows the technical, mechanical and constructive characteristics of the human man, and the use of elastic elements actuation to allow simulation of cervical muscles during collision tests of motor vehicles.


Dummy; Biofidelity; Cervical complex