About SIAR


SIAR – The Society of Automotive Engineers of Romania is the professional organization of automotive engineers, an independent legal entity, non-profit, active member of FISITA (Fédération Internationale des Sociétés d'Ingénieurs des Techniques de l'Automobile - International Federation of Automotive Engineering Societies) and EAEC (European Cooperation Automotive Engineers).

Founded in January 1990 as a professional association, non-governmental, SIAR’s main objectives are: development and increase the exchange of professional information, promoting Romanian scientific research results, new technologies specific to automotive industry, international cooperation.

Shortly after its constitution, SIAR was affiliated to FISITA - International Federation of Automotive Engineers and EAEC - European Conference of Automotive Engineers, thus ensuring full involvement in specific activities undertaken globally.

Special bilateral cooperation was developed for SAE International (Society of Automotive Engineers - USA) and SIA (Société des Ingénieurs de l'Automobile - France).

In order to help promoting the science and technology in the automotive industry, SIAR is issuing 4 times a year RIA - Journal of Automotive Engineers (on paper in Romanian language and electronically in English).

The organization of national and international scientific meetings with a large participation of experts from universities and research institutes and economic environment is an important part of SIAR’s. In this direction, SIAR holds an annual scientific event with a wide international participation. The SIAR annual congress is hosted successively by large universities that have ongoing programs of study in automotive engineering: “Politehnica” University of Bucharest, "Transilvania" University of Brasov, University of Pitesti, Technical University of Cluj-Napoca, “Politehnica” University of Timisoara and University of Craiova. Other international scientific meetings are held regularly at the Military Technical Academy, "Gheorghe Asachi" Technical University of Iasi and Oradea University.

Developing relationships with the economic environment is a constant concern. The presence in Romania of OEMs and their suppliers enables continuous communication between industry and academia. Actually, a constant priority in SIAR’s activity is to ensure optimal framework for collaboration between universities and research, industry and business specialists


To help and to promote Romania’s automotive and road transport engineering;

To encourage young people into careers in automotive and road transport engineering;

To stimulate and to coordinate activities which promote an environment of lifelong learning; to facilitate the improvement of its members’ knowledge; to ensure the framework of active exchange of ideas and experience, especially for students, master students, doctoral candidates and young engineers and dissemination of knowledge in the field of automotive and road transport engineering;

Collaboration with other scientific and technical organizations, employers and social work by participating and / or organizing joint actions of mutual interest;

Development the cooperation with the 38 national societies of the FISITA.

As a member of FISITA and EAEC, SIAR shall represent its members, promoting their interests and exchange of information on national and international level.


  • Ensure national cohesion of engineers in automotive and road transport engineering and facilitate integration into the specific international organizations;
  • Promoting competence and merit recognition of Romanian engineers in the fields of automotive and road transport engineering and building bridges with experts from the European Union and the world;
  • Supporting educational institutions to train and educate automotive and road transport engineers and technicians;
  • Ensuring national expertise in engineering and road transport vehicles by supporting local authorities and central regulation and enforcement specific to citizens;
  • Working with the actors in national and European space in preventing accidents, promoting preventive management and increasing accountability to drivers of vehicles;
  • Encourage scientific research in the field and to promote cooperation between research teams from universities in Romania and economic institutions;
  • Promotion of research results in the field by organizing the annual International Congress of SIAR and by issuing an international indexed publication (Romanian Journal of Automotive Engineering);
  • Organizing events and scientific and technical meetings with national character and / or international in the automotive engineering and road transport field;
  • Exchange of information on publications, studies and papers through their distribution, including specialty printing edited FISITA members;
  • Organizing SIAR documentation centers;
  • Developing specific activities for young people (students, masters, doctoral): scholarships, internships, competitions and so on;
  • Participation in activities organized by FISITA and EAEC - congresses and conferences;
  • Giving awards for outstanding achievements in the field of automotive and road transport engineering.

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