Student Congress

SMAT 2019 Student Congress is integrated into the main congress and offers students from around the world the opportunity to participate in an international conference and to present their papers on the main congress topics. 

In addition to making contacts with other students, participants in the Student Congress will have full access to the main congress. This makes it a great opportunity to network with senior engineers and industry executives. Awards for the best student papers are presented at the official Closing Ceremony.

The deadlines for the students' papers are the same as for the main congress sections. 

Furthermore, during SMAT 2019 will take place the SIAR’s Student Contest «Professor Constantin Ghiulai» and it will have the following sections:

  • „Vehicle Dynamics” (in Romanian). This is the 6th edition ;
  • „Automotive Computer Aided Design” (in English, thus, open to international students). .

The students are encouraged to enroll as it is a good opportunity to test their specific knowledge on Vehicle Dynamics and CAD (Catia by Dassault) and to share not only technical knowledge but also life related knowledge with students from different universities.

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