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SMAT 2019 3D Aerodynamic Simulation of the Heavy Duty Commercial Vehicle Abstract
Nadica Stojanovic, Oday I. Abdullah, Josef Schlattmann, Ivan Grujic, Danijela Miloraddovic
SMAT 2019 A New Method to Improve Computing Time for TSP Little Algorithm Abstract
Adrian Cipleu, Werner Stefanescu, Ionel Vandici, Attila Iuliu Gonczi
SMAT 2019 A Study of the Mechanical Behavior of a Car Part Realized from Epoxy Resin Reinforced with Cotton Woven Abstract
Alexandru Bolcu, Nicolae Dumitru, Dumitru Bolcu, Cosmin Mihai Miritoiu, Marius Marinel Stanescu
SMAT 2019 A Study on the Influence of the Miller Cycle upon the Engine’s Internal Aerodynamics Abstract
Mihai Niculae, Adrian Clenci, Victor Iorga-Siman, Rodica Niculescu
SMAT 2019 Aerodynamic Study of an Electric Vehicle Prototype Abstract
Liviu Scurtu, Ancuta Jurco, Emilian Vasile Borza, Florin Mariasiu, Nicolae Vlad, Silvan Morariu
SMAT 2019 An Engine Mechanism Dynamic Analysis by Considering the Kinematic Elements as Deformable Ones Abstract
Nicolae Dumitru, Cristian Copilusi, Adrian Calangiu, Ionut Daniel Geonea
SMAT 2019 Analysis Methodology of Experimental Results in Case of a Cockpit Module Under Impact Load Abstract
Paul Constantin Predoiu, Raluca Florentina Negrea, Dinel Popa, Stefan Tabacu
SMAT 2019 Analysis of Occupant Injury Level in the Case of High-Speed Vehicle Slide-Spinning Collision Abstract
Laurentiu Claudiu Manea, Adriana Manea, Alexandru Ionut Radu, Dragos Sorin Dima
SMAT 2019 Analysis of the Injector for Common Rail System, Including of the Electrical Command Signal Abstract
Cristian Ioan Leahu
SMAT 2019 Analysis Surface Roughness of an Auto-Truck Cylinder After Several Running Hours Abstract
Daniela Voicu, Ramona Monica Stoica, Radu Vilau, Roxana Nedelcu, Laszlo Barothi
SMAT 2019 Application Model in AUTOSAR Software Development for Control Systems Design Through Fuzzy Methods Abstract
Cristian Spirleanu, Eugen Diaconescu
SMAT 2019 Applied Digital Research to the Piston Rings from the Ford Focus Variant Abstract
Aurel Ioan Chereches, Adela Ioana Borzan, Doru Laurean Baldean
SMAT 2019 Applied Modeling and Simulation to the Specific Mechanisms Used in Convertible Mercedes E-class Automobiles Abstract
Adela Ioana Borzan, Doru Laurean Baldean
SMAT 2019 Aspects about Deployment of Lean Principles for Improving the Production Process Quality in Automotive Industry Abstract
Ileana Pascu, Stefan Gheorghe, Dragos Ciocioi
SMAT 2019 Aspects Regarding Fuel Consumption and the Pollutant Products of Internal Combustion Engines for Commercial Vehicles Abstract
Marius S.D. Capata, Madalin Florin Popa, Nicolae Burnete
SMAT 2019 Aspects Regarding the Identification of Optimum Driver Comfort Level by Virtual Analysis of the Vertical Oscillations Generated by Road Abstract
Marian Florin Mitroi, Anghel Chiru
SMAT 2019 Aspects Regarding the Stability Performances Calculation of the Wheeled Vehicles while Turning Abstract
Ion Preda, Gheorghe Ciolan, Dinu Covaciu
SMAT 2019 Aspects Relating to Operation of Transmission Provided with Torque Converter Abstract
Ion Lespezeanu, Daniela Voicu, Andrei Indres, Marin Nicolau, Ion Copae
SMAT 2019 Automotive Black Box and Development Platform Used for Traffic Risks Evaluation and Mitigation Abstract
Radu Drosescu, Silviu Zamfir
SMAT 2019 Basic Subsystems Reliability Influence Study on the Main Characteristics of Automotive Abstract
Radu Iulian Negrila, Sorin Vlad Igret
SMAT 2019 Behavior of Expanded Polypropylene Foam to Multiple Tests at Different Loading Rates Abstract
Maria Luiza Besliu-Gherghescu, Raluca Florentina Negrea, Paul Constantin Predoiu, Marcel Alexandru Draghici, Stefan Tabacu, Nicolae Doru Stanescu
SMAT 2019 Behavior of the Cranio-Cervical Biofidelity Complex Compared to the Cranio-Cervical Area of Anthropometric Test Devices Abstract
Stefanita Ciunel, Mihai Constantin Clinciu
SMAT 2019 Case Study Regarding the Reconstruction of a Real Vehicle-Bicycle Accident Abstract
Ovidiu Andrei Condrea, Anghel Chiru, George Radu Toganel, Rares Lucian Chiriac
SMAT 2019 CFD Study on Wheel Aerodynamic Performance in Side Wind Conditions for a Hatchback Vehicle Abstract
Laurentiu Ilea, Daniel Iozsa, Cornelia Stan, Claudiu Teodorescu
SMAT 2019 Comparative Analysis of Three Distinct Porsche Models Concerning N.V.H. Aspects Abstract
Doru Laurean Baldean
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