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SMAT 2019 Comparative Study Regarding the Operation of a Car’s Internal Combustion Engine in Urban and Extra-Urban Environment Abstract
Ion Lespezeanu, Ramona Monica Stoica, Radu Vilau, Daniel Sava, Ion Copae
SMAT 2019 Comparison Study Between a Tubular Type Camshaft and a Classic Type Using Finite Element Method Abstract
Sorin Vlad Igret, Radu Iulian Negrila
SMAT 2019 Complex Characterization of the Material Abstract
Ionela Alina Sandu, Constantin Onescu, Stefan Tabacu, Catalin Ducu
SMAT 2019 Conceptual Design of an Urban Electric Microcar Abstract
Mehmet Murat Topaç, Merve Karaca, Levent Bilal
SMAT 2019 Considerations Concerning the Study of Dynamic Equilibrium for Engine Axle and Bogies for Locomotives Abstract
Iulian Turcanu, Ioan Sebesan
SMAT 2019 Considerations Regarding on Automotive Stability Abstract
Alexandru Thierheimer, Catalin Alexandru, Oana Otat, Daniel Crauciuc, Walter Wilhelm Thierheimer
SMAT 2019 Construction of a Kart Chassis Through 3D Reconstruction Methods – Part 1 – Scanning and Alignment Abstract
Lucian Matei, Ilie Dumitru, Laurentiu Racila, Mihaela Racila, Dragos Tutunea, Oana Otat
SMAT 2019 Construction of a Kart Chassis Through 3D Reconstruction Methods – Part 2 – Reverse Engineering Abstract
Lucian Matei, Ilie Dumitru, Laurentiu Racila, Mihaela Racila, Dragos Tutunea, Oana Otat
SMAT 2019 Contribution to Research of the Applied Engineering Protocol to Implement a Fuzzy Regulator for Autonomous Driving of an Automotive Model Implemented in Virtual Reality Abstract
Florin Covaciu, Doru Laurean Baldean
SMAT 2019 Cross-Validation of Two Collision Modeling Software Based on the Reconstruction of a Real Collision - A Possible New Approach to Collision Reconstruction Abstract
Attila Iuliu Gonczi, Adrian Cipleu
SMAT 2019 Design and CFD Simulation of an Automotive Air Heat Exchanger Abstract
Monica Balcau, Liviu Scurtu
SMAT 2019 Design Optimization of the Towing Hook Used in Passenger Cars for Light Trailers Abstract
Mario Trotea, Augustin Constantinescu, Loreta Simniceanu
SMAT 2019 Diesel Smoke and PM Measurements and Simulation Abstract
Dan Mihai Dogariu, Anghel Chiru, Cristian Ioan Leahu, Marius Lazar, Adrian Constantin Buta
SMAT 2019 Drag Coefficient Analysis for Side Mirrors of an Electric Vehicle Prototype Abstract
Liviu Scurtu, Adela Ioana Borzan, Florin Mariasiu, Nicolae Vlad, Bogdan Varga, Silvan Morariu
SMAT 2019 Driveability Improvements Obtained Using a Mild-Hybrid Electrical System on a Vehicle Equipped With an Automated Manual Transmission Abstract
Stefan Saragea, Mircea Oprean, Marius Bataus, Gheorghe Fratila
SMAT 2019 Dynamic Analysis of Physical-Chemical Properties of CI Fuels Abstract
I. Besleaga, P. Voleac, M. Gadibadi
SMAT 2019 Dynamic Considerations Regarding the Enrolling in the Curve with Small Radius of Railways, of the Locomotives Abstract
Iulian Turcanu, Marian Florin Mitroi
SMAT 2019 Effects of Vehicle Impact Velocity on Cyclist Injuries and Kinematics for Rear Impacts Abstract
Ovidiu Andrei Condrea, Anghel Chiru, George Radu Toganel, Daniel Dragos Trusca
SMAT 2019 Energy Efficiency Modeling and Optimal Regime Assessment for a Small Electric Vehicle Abstract
Doru Laurean Baldean
SMAT 2019 Engine Diagnosis and Control Using Intelligent Vehicle Embedded Sensors Abstract
Marius Singureanu, Ion Copae
SMAT 2019 Evaluation Criteria and Motionless Phenomena That Accompany Cyclic Dispersion in the Case of Laser Ignition Abstract
Bogdan George Done, Ion Copae
SMAT 2019 Evaluation of Tire Traction Performance on Dry Surface Based on Tire-Road Contact Stress Abstract
Chen Liang, Liu Ji, Hoda Mousavi, Corina Sandu
SMAT 2019 Experimental Research on Brake Behavior for Different Types of Commercial Vehicles Abstract
Madalin Florin Popa, Marius S.D. Capata, Nicolae Burnete
SMAT 2019 Experimental Stand to Evaluate Engine Mass Air Flow (MAF) Sensor Abstract
Dragos Tutunea, Ilie Dumitru, Laurentiu Racila, Oana Otat, Ionut Daniel Geonea, Lucian Matei, Cristina Rotea
SMAT 2019 Experimental Studies of the Same Car Behavior in Different Pile-up Scenarios Abstract
Nicolae Ispas, Mircea Nastasoiu
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