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SMAT 2019 Experimental Study on the Functioning of the Traction Batteries for Hybrid Vehicles Abstract
Ioan Radu Sugar, O. Chiver
SMAT 2019 Experimental Testing of Energy Absorbing Foams Used as Safety Structure Within Automobile’s Cockpit Module Abstract
Raluca Florentina Negrea, Paul Constantin Predoiu, Stefan Tabacu, Catalin Ducu, Denis Aurelian Negrea
SMAT 2019 Finite Element Analyses of the Influence of Tyre Functional Parameters on Contact Patch Stresses Abstract
Raluca Moisescu, Gabriel Anghelache
SMAT 2019 Fuzzy Decision Algorithm for Driver Drowsiness Detection Abstract
Tiberiu Vesselenyi, Alexandru Rus, Tudor Adrian Mitran, Sorin Moca, Csokmai Lehel
SMAT 2019 Generating Loci Through the Theory of Mechanisms Abstract
Alina Elena Romanescu, Iulian Popescu, Ludmila Sass
SMAT 2019 Image Processing Applied in Road Traffic Using a Quadcopter Abstract
Carmen Gheorghe, Nicolae Filip
SMAT 2019 Influence of the Dynamic Vehicle Load on the Power Losses Required to Overcoming the Rolling Resistance Abstract
Nicolae Cordos, Adrian Ioan Todorut, Calin Iclodean, Istvan Barabas
SMAT 2019 Influence of Tires Parameters on the Braking Process in Automobiles Abstract
Robert Emil Simniceanu, Loreta Simniceanu
SMAT 2019 Investigating the Cyclic Variability of a Multi-cylinder Turbocharged Direct-Injection Spark-Ignition Engine Fueled with E10 Abstract
Fazal Um Min Allah, Caio Henrique Rufino, Clayton Barcelos Zabeu, Waldyr Luiz Ribeiro Gallo
SMAT 2019 Marine Ship Equipped with Air Turbine – Electric Generator Aggregate Abstract
Radu Tarulescu, Stelian Tarulescu, Cristian Ioan Leahu, Dana Luca Motoc
SMAT 2019 Mathematical Model for Stability Analysis of Vehicle-Driver System Abstract
Mario Trotea, Robert Emil Simniceanu, Augustin Constantinescu, Stefanita Ciunel
SMAT 2019 Mathematical Model for Study of Behavior of the Bodywork at Impact Abstract
Ana Maria Manea, Daniel Iozsa, Cornelia Stan, Claudiu Teodorescu, Gheorghe Fratila
SMAT 2019 Methods of Analysis and Reconstruction of Traffic Events Abstract
Mihai Constantin Clinciu, Stefanita Ciunel, Bebe Tica
SMAT 2019 Modeling of a Standardized Testing Track with the Use of Specialized Software Abstract
Daniela Voicu, Ramona Monica Stoica, Laszlo Barothi
SMAT 2019 Modeling of Dynamic Behavior of a Spur Gear Abstract
Ionut Daniel Geonea, Laurentiu Racila, Ionica Valeriu, Cosmin Mihai Miritoiu
SMAT 2019 New Approach for the Integration of CAD/CAPP/CAM Systems for Bearings Manufacturing Abstract
Dan George Prutica, Gheorghe Brabie
SMAT 2019 On-Board Measurement of Emissions from Spark Ignition Engine Vehicle for Urban Routes Abstract
Stelian Tarulescu, Radu Tarulescu, Cristian Ioan Leahu
SMAT 2019 Performance Analysis of a Diesel Engine Using Cooking Vegetable Oil Abstract
Dan Alexandru Micu, Radu Catalin Sîrbu, Cristian Nikolaos Nutu
SMAT 2019 Performance Analysis of Foam Materials Used as Add On Safety Structures Abstract
Raluca Florentina Negrea, Paul Constantin Predoiu, Stefan Tabacu, Catalin Ducu, Denis Aurelian Negrea
SMAT 2019 Performance, Combustion and Emissions Study of a DI Diesel Engine Running on Several Types of Diesel Fuels Abstract
Nicolae Vlad Burnete, Richard Janos Balint, Corneliu Adrian Magherusan, Dan Moldovanu
SMAT 2019 Practical use of accelerometers in road traffic studies Abstract
Dinu Covaciu, Daniela Florea, Janos Timar
SMAT 2019 Reconstruction of Rollover Collision Using PC Crash 11.1 and 3D Scanner Abstract
Laura Diana Grigorie, Dragos Sorin Dima, Alina Elena Romanescu, Mihnea Marin
SMAT 2019 Relationships between Accident Severity and Weather and Roadway Adherence Factors in Crashes Occurred in Different Type of Collisions Abstract
Alin Drosu, Corneliu Cofaru, Mihaela Virginia Popescu
SMAT 2019 Research of Alternative Composite Solutions in Gas After-Treatment System for Diesel Cars Abstract
Bogdan Manolin Jurchis, Doru Laurean Baldean
SMAT 2019 Research of an Integrated Application for Data Collection and Real-Time Transfer Capabilities Regarding Fuel Tank Level in a Cluster Data Base Type of Communication Network Abstract
Adela Ioana Borzan, Daniela Popescu, Doru Laurean Baldean
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