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SMAT 2019 Research of Diesel Particle Filter Soot Impact and Regeneration Time Trend-Line Abstract
Emilian Vasile Borza, Doru Laurean Baldean, Bogdan Manolin Jurchis
SMAT 2019 Research of Intelligent Control of Injection Systems for Subaru Competition Car Abstract
Aurel Ioan Chereches, Doru Laurean Baldean, Adela Ioana Borzan
SMAT 2019 Research on the Use of Rheological Systems to Decrease the Vertical Oscillations Perceived by the Driver Abstract
Marian Florin Mitroi, Camelia Cerbu
SMAT 2019 Researches Regarding the CNG Use at an Automotive Diesel Engine Abstract
Silviu Rotaru, Constantin Pana, Niculae Negurescu, Gheorghe Lazaroiu, Alexandru Cernat, Dinu Fuiorescu, Cristian Nikolaos Nutu
SMAT 2019 Researching the K9K-792 Engine with Diesel Standard and Bio Diesel Fuels Abstract
Emilian Vasile Borza, Adela Ioana Borzan, Doru Laurean Baldean
SMAT 2019 Road Traffic Studies for Urban Development Abstract
Georgiana Silvia Muresan, Carmen Gheorghe, Nicolae Filip
SMAT 2019 Sensors Used for Human Gait Monitoring Abstract
Daniela Tarnita, Alin Teofil Oncescu
SMAT 2019 Solicitations in the Rear Axle Support of a Karting Frame Abstract
Laurentiu Racila, Ilie Dumitru, Lucian Matei, Mihaela Racila, Dragos Tutunea, Ionut Daniel Geonea
SMAT 2019 Some Considerations on Optimal Placement of the Arm Hydraulic Cylinder to an Excavator Abstract
Cristian Ioan Leahu, Mircea Nastasoiu
SMAT 2019 Stereometric Analysis of Pt Schottky Contacts on Quaternary n-Al0.08In0.08Ga0.84N Thin Film Abstract
Stefan Talu, Mihai Talu, Daniela Vintila, Laura Diana Grigorie, Alina Romanescu
SMAT 2019 Strain Analysis of a Steering Tie Rod Abstract
Ionela Alina Sandu, Stefan Tabacu, Catalin Ducu, Constantin Onescu
SMAT 2019 Study About the Roughness Surface Quality for a Duralumin Alloy After Cutting Process Abstract
Ileana Pascu, Iulian Popescu
SMAT 2019 Study of a Car-to-Pedestrian Collision in Case of Vehicle's Post-impact Braking Abstract
Bogdan Adrian Tolea, Alexandru Ionut Radu, Horia Beles, George Dragomir, Sorin Moca
SMAT 2019 Study of the Possibilities to Improve the Service Level of Traffic Light Intersections by Road Traffic Micro-simulation Abstract
Andrei Alexandru Boroiu, Elena Neagu, Alexandru Boroiu, Sebastian Parlac
SMAT 2019 Study of Vehicle Dynamics Using Tensor Analysis Abstract
Radu Vilau, Ion Lespezeanu, Constantin Iulian Pantece, Alexandru Vasile, Ion Copae
SMAT 2019 Study of Vehicles Energy Efficiency Abstract
Ion Lespezeanu, Laszlo Barothi, Leonard Iulian Cucu, Catalin Dumitru Darie, Iulian Constantin Coropetchi, Ion Copae
SMAT 2019 Study Regarding the Impact Between a Vehicle and a Two-Wheel Vehicle Abstract
Oana Otat, Ilie Dumitru, Victor Otat, Lucian Matei, Dragos Tutunea
SMAT 2019 Surface Roughness and Temperature in Dry Milling of an Austenitic Stainless Steel Abstract
Nicolae Craciunoiu, Daniela Tarata, Adrian Sorin Rosca, Ionut Daniel Geonea
SMAT 2019 Technical Solutions for the Use of Internal Combustion Engine Combustion Gases Abstract
Rares Lucian Chiriac, Anghel Chiru, Ovidiu Andrei Condrea
SMAT 2019 The Calculus of the Pressures in the Characteristic Points of the Engine’s Cycle for a GDI Engine Abstract
Vasile Blaga, Tudor Adrian Mitran, Sorin Moca, Catalin Chioreanu
SMAT 2019 The Development of Traffic Data Processing Techniques Abstract
Jacint Kovacs, Nicolae Filip
SMAT 2019 The Influence of the Colour of the Reflective Vest on the Visibility of the Cyclist at Night Abstract
Bogdan Cornel Benea, Daniel Dragos Trusca, George Radu Toganel, Alexandru Ionut Radu
SMAT 2019 The Influence of the Hybridization Factor on the Energetic Performance in Test Cycles Abstract
Cristian Alexandru Rentea, Marius Bataus, Sorin Maican, Mircea Oprean, Gheorghe Fratila
SMAT 2019 The Influence of Vehicle Low Impact Velocity over the Helmet Airbag Deployment and Cyclist Injuries Abstract
Ovidiu Andrei Condrea, Anghel Chiru, George Radu Toganel, Daniel Dragos Trusca
SMAT 2019 The Pneumatic Propulsion System of a Road Vehicle Abstract
Catalin Chioreanu, Tudor Adrian Mitran, Sorin Pater, Marius Pele
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